At Nucleus, we believe high quality education is critical aspect of children’s cognitive, emotional, physical and social skills. Good education helps children to become more self-reliant, confident, develop better awareness of opportunities and rights, enhances ability to manage future problems in day to day life, dispel ignorance and boosts moral values, which contribute to individual and collective well-being. In short, education forms the basis of lifelong learning and inspires confidence to face future challenges.

Scholars say that “Education is the key to success”. If that is true then science education provides the perfect foundation to be highly successful in future endeavours. Science is everywhere in today’s world, it is an essential part of our daily lives and rapid advances in technology and science are transforming our world at an incredible pace. Being science literate is not just an advantage but an absolute necessity. Hence, we believe that education in science is the most important factor in child’s future growth.

This very understanding of importance of science in education builds the foundation of Nucleus Smart Scientific School (NS3). Nucleus Management Team (NMT) is proud and excited to bring Telangana’s first scientific school that is entirely based on the concept of high quality education with special focus on science and technology. Each and every member of Nucleus Management Team (NMT) strives to bring Science at the centre of each and everything we do. We believe that it is our duty to create an environment that nurture and encourage students to think, express their expressions and explore their latent talents. We aim to provide a student-centric atmosphere where effective, significant and joyful learning takes place.