Our Mission

“To provide excellent quality education with great emphasis on science and technology, offer well- rounded learning experience with effective, progressive and interactive teaching methods and to cultivate and nurture young minds into global scientific leaders of tomorrow”.

Core Values & Belief Statements.

Faith: The first word revealed of the Quran was “IQRA” READ! which also means seek knowledge, educate yourself and be educated.

Our beloved prophet Muhammad (S.W.S) has said: "Atta libul ilm faridhatol kuli muslim." This Hadith means: "Attainment of knowledge is a must for every Muslim."

Islam emphasises on education and encourages people to acquire knowledge. We believe in instilling true values of Quran and teachings of our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Nucleus Management Team (NMT) has educational priorities along Islamic lines and believe it is imperative to teach children the true meaning of Islam. “Islam stands for peace”, word itself means peace. Islam encourages love, sympathy, mercy, universal brotherhood and many valuable lessons. Better understanding of Islam will develop kids into more responsible, disciplined, knowledgeable, respectable and more importantly a better human being with respect towards other religions and communities and in turn be an asset to the society, nation and the world.


Self-discipline means self-control, which is a sign of inner strength and control of yourself, your actions and your reactions. It is one of the most important skill in every area of life, better self- discipline leads to

  • Perseverance
  • Ability to not give up, despite failures and setbacks
  • Self-control; ability to resist distractions and temptations

Respecting oneself, elders, teachers, the environment and society we live in, different views and opinions of others. Respect is a basic moral value, it differentiates humans from rest. Respecting different views and opinions


Education gives you knowledge that will empower you to play a greater role in your future. Education is not only about mugging up facts, learning to read and write, it is an overall development of the individual.


To create global citizens and leaders of tomorrow, through traditional values of love, empathy, discipline and respect. Transforming students into global citizens who think globally and act locally and work towards the development of society, state and nation.